Two Ducks prospects drop the glove in development camp!

They wanted to be noticed, and it worked!

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Each year, a development camp is held by each team in order to give some ice time to their most promising rookies and evaluate their progression. Each rookie develops his own way and it's arguably easier to have them play each other once in a while to get a good sense of were they are at. 

However, these camps are also a place to shine, for good or bad. Some of them will go as far as dropping the gloves against their teammates in order to shine some light on their character. Zach Saar and Jared Wilson did just that today during the Ducks camp. 

It was more like a scrap than a true fight, but these kids still went at it with high energy. They might need a tip or two before fighting in the NHL though. No one was hurt in the sequence, but you can be sure the scouts and the managers took notice.