Two more teams will retain their draft picks and defer compensation.

Two more teams aren't paying up just yet.

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Two more National Hockey League teams, both of who missed the playoffs this year, have deferred compensation for their offseason acquisitions.

First, the Columbus Blue Jackets have made the decision to retain their second round pick in 2016, meaning they will either give up a 2nd round pick in 20176 or 2018 to the Vancouver Canucks as compensation for hiring John Tortorella while he was still under contract with Vancouver.

The Blue Jackets had an abysmal season, and the motivation here is likely the most obvious one. The Jackets likely believe they will have the opportunity to give up a pick of lesser quality at some point over the next two years.


In a very similar scenario, one that likely is motivated by the same reasons, the Edmonton Oilers are not expected to give the Boston Bruins their second round pick this year, compensation owed to the Bruins for the acquisition of Peter Chiarelli. The Oilers also finished poorly this season, and while they have only one more year left, meaning their 2nd round pick in 2017 will be going to Boston, the hope is likely the same.