Two NHL teams are headed to Australia.

Two NHL teams are headed to Australia.

National Hockey League insiders share the latest details on a trip down under for a pair of NHL teams.

Jonathan Larivee

The National Hockey League has been looking to expand beyond the borders of North America for quite some time now, hosting a growing number of international games season after season, and it sounds like they intend to expand their reach further than ever before.

On Saturday night, NHL insider Jeff Marek revealed on Hockey Night in Canada that the NHL intends to send a pair of teams to the land down under with a game to be played in Australia as early as next season.

"Although nothing official yet from the NHL, we know the league is going down under for games in Australia," revealed Jeff Marek on Saturday night.

Additionally Marek revealed the identity of the two teams he believes have been earmarked for the trip, the Los Angeles Kings and the Arizona Coyotes.

"Again, nothing official coming out from the league but it sounds very much like it is trending in the direction of the Los Angeles Kings and the Arizona Coyotes," added Marek.

The inclusion of the Arizona Coyotes seems like a bizarre decision given the team's relative lack of success in their own market, but perhaps NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is just desperately trying to grab some more eyeballs on his pet project in the desert.