Two NHL teams have made offers to player banned for performance enhancing drugs.

Two NHL teams made offers to controversial player.

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Two teams in the National Hockey League have made controversial offers to a known cheater, although given the current suspension he is currently serving it seems unlikely that they will amount to anything. 

26-year-old Russian forward Danis Zaripov had his ban for violating the World Anti-Doping Agency's performance enhancing drug policy cut by 18 months this month, but according to Zaripov he nearly signed a contract with two different NHL teams prior to that announcement. 

Russian hockey reporter Igor Eronko is reporting that Zaripov had an offer on the table from the New York Rangers who would eventually choose to withdraw that offer after learning of the ban, as well as a professional tryout offer with the St. Louis Blues. The Blues reportedly made the offer with full knowledge of the ban.

NHL teams attempting to bring a known cheater into the league likely wouldn't sit well with fans, that is unless of course he started contributing in a major way for their team, and it would certainly taint any accomplishments a team made with him on their roster. 

When you consider how well the Blues are performing at the moment, they likely wish they had never made that offer in the first place.