Two players and a coach suspended after their racist taunts are caught on camera.

Details inside.

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It is really hard not to feel bad for the poor kid who was subjected to this abuse. 

According to a report from WGRZ 2 News two players from an under 18 hockey squad known as the Cheektowaga Warriors have been suspended as a result of racist remarks they made towards an African American player during one of their games. The most disturbing aspect of this story however is that one of their coaches has also been suspended for also making the same type of racist remarks, racist remarks that were directed at a very young man.

The organizations head coach, Ken Phillips, decided to suspended the coach and the players after information he complied up in an investigation was largely ignored by the league. Phillips admitted that he expected both his players and his coach were disciplined by the league, but in spite of the fact that this incident took place all the way back in January nothing was done. This becomes even more concerning when you realize that this is not an issue of word of mouth, but rather there is damning video evidence that leaves no doubt about the fact that these racist taunts were in fact directed at a teenage boy. 

"I'm personally sorry that this happened," Phillips said as per WGRZ. "We don't condone any type of disrespectful behavior, especially this."

To his credit Phillips has exercised his power as head coach of the organization and has moved to have the players suspended by the team, if not by the league, and furthermore has secured an agreement from the young boys on his own team in the process. Phillips says that the players he suspended made apologies during a team meeting that was held in private and are reportedly prepared to do the same to the Amherst players and specficially Roshaun Brown-Hall,, the player who was the target of the taunts.

The taunts directed at Roshaun Brown-Hall were clearly racist with the players and coach in question repeatedly labeling him a monkey while he was out on the ice. Even worse was the hooting and howling that the players did in their attempts to emulate monkey sounds, again with clearly racist undertones.