Tyler Bertuzzi's fate with Leafs likely sealed

He's coming off his first season playing in Toronto.

Michael W.

Scrappy forward Tyler Bertuzzi is coming off his first season with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and pending any unexpected development, it may go down as his only campaign wearing the Leafs crest. 

According to TSN's Chris Johnston, Bertuzzi is all but guaranteed to hit free agency once the market opens up on July 1, while the plans of Max Domi aren't quite as clear: 

"It sounds like Tyler Bertuzzi is likely to test the market at this point. Not exactly clear on Max Domi. There's sort of mixed signals there... he's looking for some security, right? I would think it would take a 3, maybe 4-year deal at minimum to compel him to sign before July 1st."

As previously reported, it's most likely the term that Bertuzzi is likely seeking that could turn off potential suitors; part of the reason he was moved from the Detroit Red Wings in 2023 is that GM Steve Yzerman was reportedly unwilling to give Bertuzzi a lengthy contract due to his style of play making him more prone to injuries. 

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