Tyler Bertuzzi will forfeit $450,000 by choosing to not get vaccinated

The Red Wings forward sticks to his guns, money be damned.


In case you missed the news earlier today, Detroit Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman revealed today that forward Tyler Bertuzzi has decided to forgo the COVID-19 vaccine and, as a result, will not be permitted to cross the border into Canada to play games this upcoming season.

Check it out:

Yzerman would go on to say that he respects Bertuzzi's decision and that the team will have protocols in place that allow him to be a member of the team this season regardless of his vaccination status. Due to the cross-border vaccine mandate outside of the NHL's hands though, Bertuzzi (a Canadian citizen) will not be permitted into Canada.

Even more interesting though, NHL journalist Stephen Whyno reports that Bertuzzi will surrender at least $450,000 in salary as a result of his decision to go unvaccinated.

More from Whyno:

Red Wings play 8 games in Canada. NHL salaries are determined by days not games, but Tyler Bertuzzi will forfeit over $400,000 this season if he continues to decline vaccination. And that's before any other time missed for COVID-19.
Actually... I miscounted the men. Tyler Bertuzzi will forfeit at LEAST over $450,000 in salary from Detroit Red Wings' nine games in Canada this season if he continues to decline vaccination.
And that's at a minimum. Remember, any NHL team can suspend an unvaccinated player without pay if he's not available to participate. So, a virus positive or close contact would cost him more money. Vaccinated players have those treated as hockey injuries and are paid.

As Whyno points out, that's $450,000 MINIMUM. If Bertuzzi were to contract COVID-19 and then miss significant time he would go unpaid for that time. Any way you look at things Bertuzzi stands to lose so much financially by choosing to go unvaccinated. To me that clearly represents a man who has strong beliefs and convictions, for better or worse. We all have our own personal stance on COVID-19 vaccine mandates, but to date we haven't seen really any NHL athletes come out against the league's mandate. With training camps starting up this week I'm willing to bet that Bertuzzi won't be the only player who elects to forgo the vaccine.