Tyler Bozak gets a heartwarming welcome home after life in the buble.

I bet Bozak feels like he just won.

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Here's your feel good hockey story of the day.

The St. Louis Blues were eliminated from playoff contention last week when they were defeated in 6 games by a young and impressive looking Vancouver Canucks team. It was a tough loss for the defending Stanley Cup champions who were looking to repeat and who had their chances at doing so drastically altered by the season shutdown and the COVID-19 pandemic that caused it. It will no doubt be a tough memory for many of the Blues for a long time, but one man who might not be so haunted by their failures in the playoffs this time around is forward Tyler Bozak.

Now don't get me wrong I am in no way suggesting that Bozak is not the type of competitor to agonize over a loss, however after seeing what his return home was like I have to imagine that Bozak is feeling pretty good about life in general right now. On Sunday Molly Bozak, the wife of Tyler Bozak and mother to his two young children, published a video on her social media that showed the kind of reception that Bozak had waiting for him when he returned home after spending the last several weeks living life inside of the NHL's bubble in Edmonton. 

Bozak was created by a torrent of love and affection from both of his young children, both of who were quick to make their way over to dad and get some of the hugs that they had been missing all of the weeks. Despite the disappointment he was no doubt feeling after being eliminated in the Stanley Cup playoffs Bozak could be seen clearly smiling from ear to ear as he embraced each of his children, first one at a time and then both together. 

Bozak may not have won on the ice with his St. Louis Blues, but I bet he feels like a winner right now in spite of it.