Tyler Bozak takes a shot at the Maple Leafs during Stanley Cup parade.

Bozak takes a shot at his former team.

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Something tells me Tyler Bozak might not have made this comment had he been in full control of his faculties, so I hope that the fans who take issue with what he said will cut him some slack with that in mind.

On Saturday the St. Louis Blues held their Stanley Cup parade and as you would expect for a city that had been starving for a championship for 52 years, the turn out was absolutely incredible. It was a great party for everyone that was involved but probably no one had more fun on the day than the St. Louis Blues themselves. Of course a lot of that fun involved the consumption of alcohol and as a result several St. Louis Blues players, and members of the organization, were a little happier than usual when they got up to the microphone to speak to the massive crowd that had gathered to celebrate. 

One such St. Louis Blues player was none other than National Hockey League veteran Tyler Bozak and in Bozak's defense here he was asked a pretty leading question when he had a chance to speak. I'm not sure who it was exactly that was asking the question, but you can clearly see from the way it was asked that Bozak had very little way to get out of mocking the Maple Leafs, at least a little, in front of a rabid crowd in St. Louis.

"Tyler you come from a city that likes to call itself the hockey capital of the world, what do you think now?"

Bozak responded by saying exactly what you would expect someone put in that predicament to say, especially when it was clear that Bozak had knocked back a few prior to stepping up to the microphone to speak. 

"This is the hockey capital of the world baby," said Bozak of St. Louis.

If you watch the video clip of Bozak's appearance below you will notice almost immediately that his cadence is off and that he is slurring his speech as he speaks to the interviewer. Again I hope that the fans who take issue with what Bozak had to say will cut him some slack based on the fact that alcohol was involved, and that he was put on the spot with a tough question to deal with.