Tyler Myers absolutely obliterates Duncan Keith; fights Colton Sceviour

Myers goes on a rampage, while Keith leaves the game bloodied and bruised.


Vancouver Canucks defenseman Tyler Myers absolutely BLEW UP Edmonton Oilers defenseman Duncan Keith in the team's season opener tonight, sending Keith to the Oilers' dressing room for repairs.

Keith was making a play up the ice deep in his zone when a forechecking Myers lowered his shoulder and absolutely CRUSHED Keith in the corner.

Check it out:

That's Colton Sceviour who steps in to fight Myers in an attempt to exact revenge for his fallen teammate. 

The thing is... Keith actually pops up pretty quickly and heads off without much assistance. Sure he's got a pressure cut and blood pouring down his face, but this is a veteran guy who has seen it all and done it all in the NHL. He simply gets Myers' numbers, gets his wits about himself and heads off for repairs.

But, at the same time if you're Keith in that situation you've got to keep your head up. Sure he takes the hit to make the play, but he gets absolutely caved in by Myers and he put himself in that situation. Hopefully the future Hall of Famer is no worse for wear.

Here's another look at the hit in question:

Yikes... any body get the license plate on that Mack truck?