Ugly debate surfaces following Connor McDavid’s treatment of Oilers fans in public

Ugly debate surfaces following Connor McDavid’s treatment of Oilers fans in public

Where do you stand?

Chris Gosselin

I feel like the Edmonton Oilers’ captain was just trying to live a normal life. Following Game 6 of the Western Conference Final in which Connor McDavid and the Oilers eliminated the Dallas Stars to move on to the Stanley Cup Final, the superstar was accosted by fans as he was loading his vehicle with cases of beer. McDavid, reportedly, was loading up with booze for a team party and was simply trying to enjoy his evening with fiancee Lauren Kyle and his teammates when this transpired.

When the video started going viral, some fans were upset with McDavid’s lack of interaction with the fans, wondering why the Oilers’ captain would treat his passionate fans so poorly, only based on what McDavid managed to say in this - I have to say - very awkward situation. I still have trouble watching the whole thing.

Oh, man… this is so embarrassing.
‘Give me a hug, man!’
Are you kidding me!?!?

Don’t worry however, pundits, former NHL players and fans took McDavid’s defense, wondering why the poor star forward had to deal with such invasion of his privacy.

Former Oilers’ enforcer and now radio host in Montreal Georges Laraque even felt the need to offer his services as a private body guard to McDavid:

“ Oilers, do you need a bodyguard for Connor McDavid ? I’m ready 🔥 😂🤣”

Here are a few comments made on the embarrassing video and how the debate should be over: it was the fans that were out of line and should be criticized for their treatment of McDavid, who is now focused on bringing the Stanley Cup back to Canada and Edmonton.

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