Ullmark on his emotional phone call to Jeremy Swayman.

Ullmark on his emotional phone call to Jeremy Swayman.

Linus Ullmark on the emotional moment he told Jeremy Swayman that he was leaving Boston.

Jonathan Larivee

The Boston Bruins have put an end to one of the most beloved goaltending tandems in recent years, doing so by trading veteran goaltender Linus Ullmark to the Ottawa Senators.

For the fans who enjoyed the post-game ritual between Ullmark and Bruins goaltender Jeremy Swayman it is a sad end to a tradition that they loved so much, but that is even more true when it comes to the players themselves.

Recently Ullmark was a guest on the What Chaos podcast where he was asked about the moment that he informed Swayman that they would no longer be working together, a moment that Ullmark openly admitted was an emotional one.

"Lot of tears," admitted Ullmark.

That comes as no surprise given just how close the two goaltenders were with one another. Although they were known for their hugs on the ice, the friendship extended well beyond just a celebratory hug with Swayman even playing the role of Santa Clause on multiple occasions for Ullmark's children.

Ullmark admitted that he struggled with having to inform Swayman of the news.

"I remember I gave him the call as soon as I talked to the GMs and my agent, I called him right away, and I was shaking," admitted Ullmark.

Ullmark sounds like he, at least initially, really struggled with moving on.

"It was a feeling of emptiness as well and a sense of 'This is it, this is the end of what we've built throughout these 3 years,'" admitted the former Bruins goalie.

Of course the dust eventually settled and Ullmark, thanks to the help of his loved ones, is excited about his future.

"But afterwards, once I hugged my wife and let all the feelings subside, it's an end of one thing but it's the start to another which is also a beautiful thing in itself."

I suspect that many grieving fans in Boston will be happy to hear that they weren't alone in feeling emotional about the split of one of the most beloved goaltending duos in recent National Hockey League history.