Unbelievably classy move by Sidney Crosby to a blind rival fan

Unbelievably classy move by Sidney Crosby to a blind rival fan

The guy is kinder than he is talented on the ice - and that’s saying A LOT!



Common statement in the NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby is one of the greatest hockey players of his generation.

Understatement: Crosby is one of the nicest guy around the league.

It was recently proven once again when TSN’s Gord Miller witnessed Crosby pulling off an incredible gesture to a rival fan when the Penguins won the Stanley Cup in 2016.

The Penguins had started the day off visiting a children’s hospital and Crosby then asked Miller where else they could go to bring joy to others. Miller suggested a hospital for veterans nearby, and Crosby was thrilled to oblige.

Upon arrival, Crosby met with delighted fans, but was quickly informed that a blind and bedridden Korean war veteran named Joe couldn’t come down to see the trophy. The Pens’ captain therefore went over to his room, introduced himself only to be told by Joe that he was a huge fan of the Montreal Canadiens.

Not a problem for Crosby, who grew up a fan of the Habs. The superstar didn’t hesitate to bring the Stanley Cup over to him and grabbed Joe’s hand to press his finger over where “Rocket” Richard’s name was engraved on the trophy.

I mean this is pure class. The guy is the face of the league, the face of the Penguins and still manages to touch people individually, even if they’re rooting against his own team.

Crosby’s contract is set to expire after the 2024-25 season, but you have to believe that folks in Pittsburgh, including Joe the Canadiens’ fan will want to see him stay and retire as a Penguin.

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