Surprising last update on Stamkos condition.

He cleared his locker today.

Surprising last update on Stamkos condition.

As the Lightning missed the Playoffs by a thin margin, the return of Steven Stamkos in the lineup is not a preoccupation anymore. Injured a few months ago, he was deemed day-to-day right until the very last game of the season. However, he didn't lace the skate in the end and we won't see him until next year. 

However, today was the traditional locker cleanup day and journalist inquired about Stamkos' true condition. His answer was pretty surprising. 

Basically, he wasn't ready to come back at all. A competitive player like himself want to play as much as possible and it had to be a very frustrating season for him. 

He's expected to fully recover during the off-season however and we should see him on the ice come the beginning of the 2017-2018 campaign.