Unexpected update on Max Pacioretty in Washington

Unexpected update on Max Pacioretty in Washington

Capitals share the latest on the veteran forward:



Max Pacioretty continues to rehab a torn Achilles tendon, though it seems that he is inching closer to his Washington Capitals debut. According to Sammi Silber of the Hockey News, the Caps got an encouraging update on Pacioretty, who could return to action within the next two to three weeks, per head coach Spencer Carbery.

“It’s getting within 2-3 weeks,” Carbery said. “That’s the next big step is practicing with the group… then game on. We’re getting pretty close.”

The 34-year-old player keeps making good progress on a devastating injury that has already taken too much time from his career. Pacioretty suffered a torn achilles tendon for the second time in his National Hockey League career last season with the Carolina Hurricanes and underwent a major surgical procedure to repair the damage back in January. He had tallied three goals in five games before the injury sidelined him again.

When the Capitals signed Pacioretty to a contract this summer, they made sure to protect themselves with a deal that comes heavily loaded with bonuses, bonuses that include $1 million for 10 games played, $500,000 for 15 games played and $500,000 for 20 games played this season. Should Pacioretty be limited again this season, the Capitals won’t be on the hook for the full amount depending on how many games he is able to suit up for.

However, a return could be in the cards soon, if not prior to Christmas, some time following the holiday break. Pacioretty even admitted to having some dates circled on his calendar.

“Internally, I haven’t shared that with anyone other than my family. I’ve been through this before. It’s circled in pencil around a couple days where I want to be. Ultimately, that’s out of my control. I haven’t talked to the team about that but it’s something that would be pretty special to me.”

Carbery and the Capitals are hoping to get the bonafied goal scorer in Pacioretty once he returns. The former Montreal Canadiens first round pick has broken the 30 goal plateau on five different occasions throughout his NHL career, doing so with both the aforementioned Canadiens and the Vegas Golden Knights. Although his time with the Hurricanes was limited last season, Pacioretty still show he had much left in the tank.

The next step for the veteran forward will be to join his new teammates for practice and eventually get back into contact. Then, once he gets the green light, he can make his return to a game.

Who would have thought it’d be possible after two significant injuries that could have ended his career!?

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