Unexpected verdict in Milan Lucic’s domestic abuse case has immediate impact on future with Bruins!




Last month, it was determined that Boston Bruins winger Milan Lucic would go to trial today after his wife, Brittany, did not drop the domestic charges against her husband.

However, there was an unexpected twist in the case just before trial got underway on Friday when it was confirmed by WCVB-TV Boston that prosecutors dropped their case against Lucic after revealing that his wife declined to testify and a judge ruled that her 911 call was inadmissible as defense attorney Gary Pelletier suggested the call failed to definitively identify Lucic as the suspect. The judge sided with the defense and decided to block the evidence.

The incident took place on Nov. 19, 2023 when Lucic was arrested after his wife contacted Boston Police to report a domestic incident. Police reports obtained by The Boston Globe indicate that the winger became agitated and eventually physical when he couldn’t find his cell phone after returning home from what appeared to be a night of drinking. Brittany explained that there was an argument as he, according to the police report: “Began yelling at her, demanding his phone back, believing she had hidden the phone.”

“He then “grabbed her by the hair and pulled her backwards. She stated that in doing so, the suspect stated to her that she was not going anywhere,” police wrote.

The report also indicated that Lucic appeared intoxicated. The police decided to arrest Lucic, and when they did, he was cooperative. He then appeared (in person) in court on Nov. 22 and pleaded not guilty.

Following the incident and the first legal proceedings, Lucic entered the NHL’s Player Assistance program for substance abuse, but now his attorney states that the veteran forward wants to return to the NHL and that both are confident the decision Friday will make it possible. Lucic is scheduled to meet with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, per Pelletier. He was placed on the Bruins long-term injured in October.

Lucic, who played in four games, getting two assists before suffering a lower-body injury, signed a one year deal with the Bruins this past offseason, thought by many to be the final destination of his long NHL career.

And he could return to the Bruins shortly after this unexpected outcome in his legal proceedings.

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