Update: Bruins insider breaks down Pastrnak trade

Thornton, Kessel, Seguin… would they really cut bait with ANOTHER young superstar in making?

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When rumors surfaced yesterday from multiple sources that the Boston Bruins, frustrated with contract negotiations, are looking to trade 21-year-old emerging superstar David Pastrnak, the entire hockey world cried out in a collective, “Huh!?”.  Why on Earth would a team so hungry for goals and offense trade arguably their best scorer, and one who figures to be their offensive leader for the next decade?

It’s a rumor that doesn’t make much sense and that’s because, as Bruins insider Joe Haggerty believes, it’s completely bogus. In his latest article for, Haggerty throws cold water on the rumor, saying it’s been manufactured out of offseason boredom. 

Check it out:

The Bruins aren’t going to trade David Pastrnak. Period. They need his speed, they need his goal-scoring ability, and they need his youthful zest for the game to sell their product in Boston. There's no other player coming through the organization who can match the dynamic right winger's skill set, and he's in high demand across the league because there aren’t many like him.  

This is good news for Bruins fans because any trade in which they move Pastrnak will likely only end up hurting them in the end. Remember the Thornton trade? Kessel? Seguin? Even Dougie Hamilton. Yeah… the Bruins don’t have the best track record with these kind of blockbuster deals. They’d be smart to get Pastrnak signed long term so they can turn the page on all this nonsense as quickly as possible.