Update from two insiders on rumored trade between Habs & Rangers.

Update on the big trade rumor in the Eastern Conference.

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The New York Rangers created quite a bit of drama this week when they sent four powerful members of management to scout a game between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens, leading to speculation there was a trade imminent. 

We would later learn that the focus for the Rangers were two members of the Montreal Canadiens roster, specifically forward Alex Galchenyuk and Andrew Shaw, however the latest update form National Hockey League insiders suggest no deal is close at this time. 

TSN insider Bob McKenzie acknowledged that the names being mentioned were in fact floating out there in trade rumors, however he warned that people may be overestimating how close the deal was to reality.

“You’ve got to be a little bit careful too and not jump to the conclusion that just because they were there that something is imminent," said McKenzie as per Fanrag's Chris Nichols. "Last I heard, and again it’s always subject to change with one phone call, but it wasn’t front-burner, pot-boiling, ready to make a transaction as much as it was two teams that are on really hard times talking to each other about some possibilities.”

TSN insider Pierre LeBrun seemed to echo that sentiment when he was asked if he could shed some light on the trade rumor between the Habs and Rangers.

“Not a whole lot,” noted LeBrun. “The one comment that I heard from a source is that for the Rangers, this was more sort of a ‘file away the game for perhaps something down the road,’ which you see a lot of this time of year."

So while it sounds like these two sides are both interested in a deal, there may not be anything the two teams have agreed upon as of yet.