Update: Mike Milbury has officially been removed from the bubble.

Milbury is gone at least for now.

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It is now official, Mike Milbury has been sent home. 

The outrage mob on social media can claim itself another victim of cancel culture and this time that victim is the aforementioned Milbury. The often derided and always controversial Milbury landed himself in hot water earlier this week when comments he made during an NBC broadcast of a Stanley Cup playoff game between the Washington Capitals and New York Islanders went viral and was interpreted in the most uncharitable way it could have possibly been. 

For the record here is what was said:

"Not any women here either to disrupt you or your concentration," said Milbury.

And the audio:

Those comments are what have now resulted in Milbury being sent home by NBC in a situation that very much seems to mirror the one that saw former National Hockey League forward Jeremy Roenick being removed from the NBC broadcast. NBC has thus far now issued an official statement regarding Milbury's future but we do know that he has left the NHL's bubble in Toronto and that would appear to indicate that he is done at least for the remainder of the Stanley Cup playoffs. That said there may be much more serious ramifications here for Milbury, we simply do not have the full details regarding his exit from the bubble at this time.

Some have suggested that Milbury was implying women do not belong in the sport of hockey, I feel that is a ridiculous take on his comments.. I find it somewhat amusing that I am writing here in defense of Milbury given that I have never been a fan of the man. At any point had NBC made the decision to replace him on the broadcast I almost certainly would have prefered his replacement, however I do take issue with him being labeled as some kind of sexist or misogynist for comments that I do not believe were meant in any way to be derogatory towards women. If this is the reason that he eventually loses his job at NBC I don't think that is particularly fair or just either, but of course my opinion here will hold no sway at all in that decision. Some have suggested that Milbury was implying women do not belong in hockey, I wholeheartedly reject that interpretation and I

I will add however that my reaction as someone that has never really cared for Milbury's commentary does appear to be shared by many responding to this news on social media.