Update on Chris Kreider after major surgery today.

Rangers forward undergoes major surgery.

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The New York Rangers have provided a brief update on veteran forward Chris Kreider.

On Monday Kreider went under the knife for a major surgical procedure, a rib resection, a process in which all or part of a rib is removed to order to prevent injury to the vital organs normally protected by the ribs. 

According to the Rangers the procedure has been successful, which is good news for Kreider and the Rangers organization, however it's clear that he will be missing a very long period of play due to the injury. 

The Rangers have not released an official timetable for his recovery, however they did confirm that it will be at least six weeks before they even reevaluate his status. He officially remains out "indefinitely" and considering the nature of the procedure that could be the majority of what's left of the regular season.