Update on rumored trade between Oilers and Panthers.

The latest on today's rumored trade.

Update on rumored trade between Oilers and Panthers.

Earlier news broke regarding a big trade rumor between the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers, and when those rumors were being echoed by multiple sources we reported on it here.

However there are now conflicting reports, and despite the fact that the rumors went so far as to name both Oilers' forward Nail Yakupov and Panthers' defenseman Alex Petrovic as the two pieces in the deal, Panthers insider Harvey Fialkov is telling a different story.

According to Fialkov's sources, who are usually very credible, there is "ABSOLUTELY no validitiy to the trade rumors involving defenseman Alex Petrovic for Oilers forward Nail Yakupov."

When it comes to the Panthers Fialkov doesn't often make mistakes, but given the number of sources on the rumors initially it does raise some questions as to where they were coming from, and why were they being leaked to the media?