Update: Red Wings extremely late arrivals in Toronto.
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Update: Red Wings extremely late arrivals in Toronto.

The Detroit Red Wings are cutting things very close as they travel to Toronto on Sunday.

Jonathan Larivee

The Detroit Red Wings couldn't be cutting things any closer.

As I reported earlier today, the National Hockey League was forced to push back tonight's game between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs by 30 minutes due to travel issues suffered by the Red Wings, a decision that appears to have been a wise one given the latest updates.

According to a report from Mike Stephens, the Red Wings only just barely arrived at Scotiabank arena around 6:00 pm EST this evening, giving them just 90 minutes to set up the visitors locker room and get their team prepared before the puck drops in tonight's game.

That is cutting things extremely close and it sounds like the Maple Leafs have been conscripted in order to help the Red Wings pull things off on time. Stephens reports that the Maple Leafs equipment staff is working double duty this evening as they attempt to help get the Red Wings across the finish line on time.

It may very well turn out to be a tough pill for that equipment staff to swallow should the Red Wings prove victorious in tonight's game.