Update: Red Wings prospect Jared McIsaac knocked out cold and taken to hospital in an ambulance.

A terrifying situation on Sunday night.


We now have more details to share with you on the status of Detroit Red Wings prospect Jared McIsaac. Unfortunately most of what we have to share here won't fall under the category of good news, but we are happy to say that there does appear to be a silver lining here. 

For those of you who missed our initial story, McIsaac, the Red Wings second round draft pick (36th overall) at the 2018 National Hockey League entry draft, was seriously injured on Saturday night when he was the victim of a nasty looking hit from behind. That hit came courtesy of Columbus Blue Jackets prospect James Malatesta, who was the Blue Jackets fifth round pick (133rd overall) at the 2021 NHL entry draft.

As you can see from this replay, the hit from Malatesta appears to not only catch McIsaac unawares and from behind but it also appears to catch him directly in the back of the head. It is hard to gauge accurately from the limited visual we have from this single replay, but it does appear as though McIsaac's head took the full brunt of the hit and was effectively pancaked between the boards and the body of his opponent.

As scary as the hit itself appear to be, the news that followed the hit was of even greater concern. According to some eyewitness reports, McIsaac was down and motionless on the ice for several long minutes as trainers and medical personnel attempted to attend to him. Although that has not been officially confirmed, the Red Wings themselves have since confirmed that the young man did lose consciousness as a result of the hit, which would appear to corroborate those eyewitness accounts of the events that transpired after the video ends.

The Red Wings have also confirmed that McIsaac was transported to the hospital via ambulance after he was carried off the ice on a stretcher, which explains why the game was called to a halt in spite of there being 2:45 remaining in the period. There will need to be another ambulance on scene before play can resume.

I did mention a silver lining earlier and here it is. The good news from the Red Wings is that McIsaac appears to be conscious, speaking, and is able to move all of his extremities. A huge relief in a situation as serious as this one.

Obviously we hope that McIsaac is going to be alright, and one has to wonder what the consequences of this hit might be for James Malatesta who is only 18 years old.