Update: Trouba trade is now off the table until 2025?
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Update: Trouba trade is now off the table until 2025?

The latest from Rangers insider Larry Brooks

Trevor Connors

The trade rumors continue to fly around New York with insiders reporting that New York Rangers GM Chris Drury is working hard to offload captain Jacob Trouba. 

There were multiple reports that Trouba was headed to the Detroit Red Wings yesterday, but a trade never materialized. Now, Rangers insider Larry Brooks of The New York Post is reporting that Trouba's wife, a physician at a New York City hospital, is the reason that the deal was nixed.

From Brooks:

There is, The Post has learned, another factor in the equation that might keep the 30-year-old on Broadway for a longer spell.

When Trouba signed this current seven-year, $56M contract in July of 2019 after having been acquired as a pending restricted free agent from Winnipeg, his five-year no-movement clause was designed to expire in conjunction with his wife Kelly Tyson-Trouba’s completion of her three-year residency at a New York hospital.

But Dr. Tyson-Trouba’s residency was deferred for a year at the start so that the program which she is required to complete will end instead on July 1, 2025. The Troubas also welcomed their first child, a boy named Axel, in mid-January.

There is no guarantee that Jacob Trouba would accept a trade even to a club on his approved list if that means leaving his wife and nine-month-old (as of training camp) behind. It is not as if Dr. Tyson-Trouba can pick up, transfer her credits to another hospital, accompany her husband and still be licensed as a physician.

We are told that has become part of the league-wide conversation, with several teams that otherwise would have been in big-time on Trouba now likely to wait until next year when Dr. Tyson-Trouba’s residency ends with the defenseman having one final season on his contract.

- Larry Brooks

Honestly, I find this kind of refreshing.

The NHL is full of stories of women who put their professional lives on hold in order to support their husband's career as a pro hockey player. To have the shoe on the other foot for once is refreshing, if nothing else. Kudos to Trouba for showing commitment to his wife and her profession.

Some fans though see things differently.

Social media is full of snide remarks from fans who claim that Trouba is 'whipped' or is blindly following his wife's lead. Nonsense, he's simply showing support for his partner so that she can be successful in life. 

From what Brooks is reporting though, it looks like Trouba is locked into New York for at least another season. But, don't be surprised if we go through a true Trouba Sweepstakes in the 2025 offseason.

Source: Larry Brooks