USA forward Beecher avoids game misconduct after ugly hit from behind

Absolutely ZERO consistency from the refs during this tournament. What a joke!

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In case you missed it earlier today, Canadian forward Nolan Foote was ejected from his team’s quarterfinal game against Slovakia for elbowing Slovak forward Kristian Kovacik.

Just 53 seconds in, Foote came flying down the right wing in the Slovakian zone and absolutely obliterated Slovak forward Kristian Kovacik.

Here’s the hit in question:

I mean… it’s a big hit… but is it worth a game ejection? Wake up, refs…

Here’s another look at the hit:

Yep... blown call by the refs. No way to defend this. Time to start making these guys accountable.

Oh… and speaking of blown calls… USA forward John Beecher somehow avoids an ejection for this dangerous hit from behind on Finnish player Eemil Erholtz.

I mean… are you serious? Which hit is more dangerous? Absolutely ZERO consistency in the officiating during this tournament. The refs better wake up before they blow this entire tournament.