Vancouver Canucks announce their new captain on Monday!

Vancouver Canucks announce their new captain on Monday!

The Vancouver Canucks have finally named a new captain, and fans are loving the choice!

Jonathan Larivee

The Vancouver Canucks have a new captain!

On Monday morning, the Canucks announced that defenseman Quinn Hughes has been officially named the 15th captain in the franchises history. Hughes had previously served as a member of the organization's leadership group, previously wearing the "A" on his jersey, and it seems clear the Canucks felt he was ready to take the next step.

Hughes released the following statement alongside the official announcement:

"It means a great deal to me to be named captain of the Canucks,” Hughes said with immense pride. “When I came here 5 years ago, I knew what I was walking in to having grown up in Toronto; just a crazy hockey market and a passionate fan base. It has been a pleasure and treat to play for this franchise and to be the captain is something that is incredibly special and something that I couldn’t ever imagine would happen.”

This is a ton of responsibility to toss onto the shoulders of a 23 year old, but as a former first round pick and a veteran of 283 games Hughes has dealt with this level of pressure before. The Canucks no doubt expect him to be a cornerstone of their franchise moving forward and this is seemingly an indication that Hughes himself is prepared to face that challenge head on.