Vancouver Giants make history by drafting defenseman Chloe Primerano

Atta girl! Go get 'em, Chloe!


The annual WHL Bantam Draft went down today with the league's 22 teams selecting developing 14 and 15 year old players from Western Canada and the United States. 

14 year old forward Gavin McKenna from Whitehorse, Yukon was selected 1st overall by the Medicine Hat Tigers after a season with the Kelowna U18 team in which he registered 23 goals and added 42 assists, averaging 1.86 points per game playing in a league with players that are three and four years older than him. McKenna looks to be a star in the star in the making, but at 14 years old you never really know. The fact of the matter is that a lot of #1 picks have gone on to success, but a lot have also failed to reach their potential. That's just the reality of trying to project the career trajectory of players when they're so young. All of that aside, McKenna is legit of a WHL prospect as there is.

The most interesting draft pick to me though came in the 13th round when the Vancouver Canucks selected defenseman... errrr... defensewoman Chole Primerano from North Vancouver, BC.

Check it out:

Primerano, a 15 year old with the Burnaby Winter Club's U15 program, becomes the first female drafted in WHL history.

She put up 19 points in 30 games with Burnaby this past season as the only female playing on a team full of boys. So if you're concerned about her game not translating from the women's game to the men's game... well... she's already playing the men's game. As stated with McKenna, you never really know how a player this young will turn out but it's safe to say that Primerano faces an uphill battle in her quest to play professional hockey. The Giants however have opened the door for her to make an impact at the WHL level and frankly I'm excited to see what she can do when the team opens their training camp next September.

Just check out these skills:

This girl's legit and I wish her nothing but the best. Go get 'em, girl!