Vasilevskiy’s questionable equipment controversy finally explained!

Vasilevskiy’s questionable equipment controversy finally explained!

Does it make sense now?



The question has been asked more than once: did Tampa Bay Lightning star goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy’s equipment comply with NHL rules during the Stanley Cup Final?

Several fans pointed out that the difference in size between Vasilevskiy and Habs star goalie Carey Price was way more than what we get to see on paper. Price and Vasilevskiy are both 6’3 in height, however the Canadiens’ netminder is - supposedly - five pounds lighter than the Russian goaltender. 

But on pictures shown of the two men shaking hands on Wednesday night, there is no way there is just a five-pound difference between the two. Which prompted folks to call out Vasilevskiy and wonder if his equipment was legit. 

On Thursday, NHL goalie Louis Domingue, who was Vasilevskiy’s teammate in Tampa but is now a member of the Calgary Flames, explained on the air of 98,5 Sports in Montreal more on his former teammate’s equipment. He maintains that Vasilevskiy’s chest protect respects NHL standards as he wears the same. 

This is what Domingue said on the air, translated from French: 

“Vasilevskiy, he wears a Bauer chest plate. I wear the same.  I have bruised arms at the end of each year… I tell you: he doesn’t have a bigger chest plate than any other goalie. The only difference is that he wears it on the outside of his pants. Furthermore, the camera angle was average. It is turned and it brings out his belly. Each plastron has its particularities : one chest plate that is bigger than the rest in the NHL right now is CCM’s. It’s mind-boggling how this one is bigger than the rest. Bauer has bigger shoulders, but smaller protection on the arms. The chest protection area is no bigger than any other, while CCM, which many goalies wear, is about 20 percent bigger than other chest plates. “

Stephane Waite, former goalie coach of the Montreal Canadiens ensures that the equipment of each goalkeeper across the league is closely monitored and heavy suspensions are planned for a goalkeeper who would attempt to wear illegal equipment. He believes that Vasilevskiy’s equipment was in order and takes the opportunity to assert that the equipment that Price wears is not as bulky as it could be, he who prefers to have smaller leggings and a smaller breastplate to allow him to be more agile. In addition, he wears his chest plate inside his pants, unlike Vasilevskiy who prefers to keep it on the outside.

And the angle of the photo has been pointed out many time, which would explain what appeared to be a major difference in equipment size between the two goalies.

Check out the differences here: 

Source: 98.5 Sports