Vasilevsky can't control himself, lets out a huge fart during post-game interview
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Vasilevsky can't control himself, lets out a huge fart during post-game interview

“Uh... what was the question?”



In case you missed it last night, superstar goaltender Andrei Vasilevsky earned himself yet another shutout in his illustrious career with a 4-0 blanking of the Dallas Stars.

The real highlight of the night for Vasilevsky though came post-game when he nearly cleared the room with a very, very, VERY audible fart during his media availability.

Check it out:

"I'm sorry... what was the question?"

Sources confirm that it was indeed Vasilevsky who dealt the wind bomb and you can even see him smirk a little to himself before unleashing it on his unsuspecting victims.

You know what?

I think I'm on to this guy's strategy.

Vasilevsky just lets it rip in the crease and guarantees that he'll have absolutely no screen shots and no rebounds to deal with. Who's going to get within five feet of the crease when you've got a 220 pound Russian letting off gas bombs in the blue paint? 

In all seriousness, Vasilevsky's return to the lineup is huge for the Bolts. The team struggled a bit to start the campaign under Jonas Johansson while Vasilevsky was out with injury. Most fans and analysts would agree that the Lightning are better than their 11-10-5 record and they'll be looking to rack up some wins with Vasilevsky back between the pipes.

The 28 year old Johansson managed a 3.44 goals against average and a .892 save percentage in 19 games to start the campaign. Not terrible by any means, but nowhere near the level of goaltending that this team is used to under Vasilevsky. Despite last night's shut out, Vasilevsky has actually looked a little shaky in his first five games back in the lineup but I fully expect him to get back to his old ways once he finds his rhythm. The 29 year old Russian put up a stellar 2.65 goals against average and a .915 save percentage with 34 wins in 60 games last season. He's not likely to be anywhere near the 60 starts statistic again this season, but don't be surprised if he plays nearly every game over the balance of this season.

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