Vatrano and Killorn get into it with a fan in the stands after OT winner
Gino Hard  

Vatrano and Killorn get into it with a fan in the stands after OT winner

Old time hockey!



In case you missed it earlier today, the Anaheim Ducks managed a well earned 5-4 overtime victory over the Florida Panthers in Sunrise, Florida.

Alex Killorn, a well known offender in Florida's Amerant Bank Arena thanks to his decade of success with the Tampa Bay Lightning, played the overtime hero with a beautiful snipe shot.

Check it out:

What you don't see in the clip above though is that the always abrasive Killorn actually got into it a bit with some Panthers fans in the crowd. I'm assuming the fans took some offense to Killorn's over the top celebration. 

Check it out better here:

Old time hockey, baby!

You know what stands out to me most though in all of this?

Watch the top clip again and look at $9.5 million man Matthew Tkachuk dogging it on the back check. Tkachuk is the last man back into the zone, loses an edge on a lazy turn and then just watches as Killorn takes all the space he needs to step in and snipe the game winner. That's... that's a tough look.

I'm a huge Tkachuk fan when he's at his best, but when he's pulling stuff like this he makes himself hard to defend. I'll go to bat for a feisty and motivated Tkachuk any day, but when he's dogging it on the back check and playing like it's a Tuesday night Beer League Game... that's where I have to hop off the bandwagon.

As for Killorn and the Ducks, this is a win that was desperately needed to improve their team morale. After a strong start to the season the team has falled to 15-27-1 with six losses in their last 10 games. At one point they looked like they might have been a sneaky Stanley Cup Playoff pick, but now there's virtually no shot at qualifying for the post season. Combine their recent slide with a bit of a PR punch in the gut thanks to their Jamie Drysdale trade and this team needed some good press.

Source: Gino Hard