Vegas' AHL team, the Silver Knights, reveal their incredible new jerseys

I gotta say... I think I like these even more than Vegas' jerseys!

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Since joining the NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights have been a hit on and off the ice. On the ice, their resume speaks for itself. Off the ice, the Golden Knights' jersey has been the most popular in terms of sales, at least according to Frankly, it's not exactly my style but you can't deny the impact that the uniform has had on new hockey fans. People love it.

Now, the Golden Knights have revealed an equally stunning jerseys for their AHL affiliate, the Henderson Silver Knights. Heavily inspired by the Golden Knights, the Silver Knights jerseys feature the same elements but with a more pronounced touch of silver, rather than gold. Makes sense, right? Some fans have even said that these new jerseys jerseys are even more beautiful than the Golden Knights' jerseys.

Pass or fail?

Check it out: