Vegas mocks Subban with giant billboard after biting incident in last night’s game

This is classic! Only in Vegas!

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In case you missed it, Nashville Predators superstar P.K. Subban accused Vegas Golden Knights forward Marc-Edouard Bellemare of biting his finger in last night’s 2-1 Preds win.

Here’s a clip of the incident followed by Subban’s post game comments:

So… how does Vegas respond? In the most “Vegas” way possible, with a big, flashy billboard mocking Subban on the Vegas Strip.

Check it out:

How great is that!? In Bellemare’s defense… if you put your finger in my mouth during a scrum, I’m either going to spit it out or bite down on it… Bellemare went one way and now we’re all blessed with this ridiculous story.