Veteran defenseman placed on waivers after not playing a single NHL game.

An ugly season so far despite not even playing.

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It's not hard to imagine the level of frustration that is likely going on here.

After spending the last three seasons of his career in the National Hockey League, with the  exception of just three games, veteran defenseman Adam Pardy may be dealing with the reality that he has reached the end of his road in the NHL.

On Wednesday it was announced that the Nashville Predators had made the decision to place Pardy on waivers immediately after signing him to a one-way two-year deal. As per the terms of the contract Pardy will earn $400,000 less in the American Hockey League and it seems like that is where he will be spending the majority, if not all, of his time.

This was likely a depth acquisition from the Predators and it seems likely that baring any injuries this season Pardy may now be a full time AHL player.