Veteran forward released from his contract, NHL future uncertain at best.

No one seems to know what comes next.

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The future of Mason Raymond, at least as far as the National Hockey League is concerned, seems to be in serious doubt.

According to a report from Ducks insider Eric Stephens of the Orange Country Register, the veteran forward has officially been released from his contract today, and while we speculated on why he would agree to such a release it seems we were wrong.

We assumed that the only circumstance under which he would agree to such an arrangement was if he had knowledge of another team's interest in him, but it according to Stephens it instead has something to do with "family reasons."

As a result of this, as well as Raymond's struggles on the ice as of late, it sounds like he could be at or at least near the end of his NHL career. We will continue to monitor this development, but no one is talking as of right now, so it may be some time before another update.