Veteran goalie Kramar has temper tantrum on ice, throws and breaks stick in embarrassing meltdown!

His mother has to be ashamed of him…


This is incredibly embarrassing, but quite funny for the rest of us. The one guy that has to be embarrassed is the one that causes this video to go viral. Supreme League’s goalie Vladimir Kramar had an epic temper tantrum on ice when he allowed a goal and wasn’t having any of it.

Not only did Kramar flipped and threw his stick at the opposing players who were celebrating the goal, he decided to continue his embarrassing temper tantrum as he was ejected from the game. 

The video, which went viral on all hockey feeds, is a minute long and you have to watch the entire thing. Once Kramar is ejected and close to equipment next to his team’s bench, he takes another stick and breaks it as everyone looks at him in disbelief. 

He then walked down the tunnel behind his players, still barking like his reactions were understandable. 

Check this out in the video here below: 

The thing is that the rival team was tying up the game at 1-1 on a power play, with tons of time to go in the second seeing that the incident took place in the second period. 

Kramar’s club was in the lead, sure, but we’re not sure this power play goal deserved this reaction and for his team to lose out on their starting goalie. 

We bet his poor mother has to be ashamed of him… The guy is 27 years old!