Veteran goaltender calls out his team for weak performance.

Sounds like he wants out.

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It sounds like veteran goaltender Mike Smith is finally losing his patience with a bad Arizona Coyotes franchise. 

In a recent media scrum Smith voiced his frustration with the performance of his fellow teammates following a 3-1 loss against the Edmonton Oilers, one where he felt he was left out to dry by his team.

"You feel it in here. There was no life," said Smith to members of the press. "There was no emotion; you could feel it on the ice. We were just playing. It was blah. It was blah. You can't play like that and expect to compete against a really good hockey team. That's what we did tonight."

It doesn't sound like this was a minor issue either, Smith went out of his way to say that some members of his team didn't belong with their current level of effort.

"We've got too many guys that aren't doing enough to push this thing along."

It may be reading too much in Smith's comments here, but it did not sound like he wanted to remain in Arizona much longer if he could avoid it.