Video exposing Auston Matthews’ injury emerges!

Video exposing Auston Matthews’ injury emerges!

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Chris Gosselin

Auston Matthews missed out on Game 6 of the first round series against the Boston Bruins and therfore, his 2023-24 season abruptly came to an end. It has been reported that Matthews has been dealing with a mystery injury, and some rumours have hinted at a potential concussion with significant symptoms.

We are still awaiting official updated from the Toronto Maple Leafs though it hasn’t stopped fans and pundits from speculating about the nature of injury and what it could mean for the star player and the club.

On Thursday, a video emerged on social networks which led many people to believe that this could be the reason for Matthews’ absence.

In the footage, we can see the Maple Leafs’ star forward getting hit violently against the boards after having a bad fall in the second period of the last game of the regular season. In the sequence, we can see Matthews hitting his head.

Could he have gotten injured during this sequence and aggravated his injury in the playoffs? Is it a concussion and is he suffering from symptoms directly related to the impact he received to the head?

In that specific game, Matthews was attempting to reach the 70-goal mark, but failed to get on the board, ending the 2023-24 campaign with still an impressive total of 69 tallies.

There is also the speculation that Matthews suffered a different injury, this time, during the first round series against the Bruins in a collisions with Bruins’ Charlie Coyle as seen in the video here below:

Speculations and rumours will keep being shared until the Maple Leafs and management explain what is wrong with Matthews and why he was sidelined with a mystery injury at a crucial point in the series against Boston...

Game 7 takes place tomorrow. Let's see what's the call on Matthews for the crucial contest.

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