Videos: Brayden Schenn with the best game of his career!

Wow! What a game!

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Brayden Schenn, the fifth overall selection at the 2009 draft, was a force to be reckoned with in his time with the Brandon Wheat Kings in the WHL. The Saskatoon native took some time to develop, in fact he only reached the 50-point mark last year after 7 seasons in the NHL. 

This year, Schenn was struggling a bit to find the back of the net with only 4 goals in 26 games, on pace for a 15-goal season. That was before his amazing game against the Dallas Stars in which he made the hats fly all over the ice. Oh, and he also fiercely fought Stephen Johns, now he looks like the Brayden Schenn the Kings drafted in 2009.

Here's the highlights of his game!`