Viktor Arvidsson calls out Robert Bortuzzo after his return from injury.

Arvidsson shares his thoughts on the Bortuzzo incident.

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Nashville Predators forward Viktor Arvidsson made his long awaited return from injury on Saturday night and although he did not register a point in his comeback came he did help his team secure a huge win over the Boston Bruins, a team that has lost very few games on their home ice this season. It was a big moment for Arvidsson who had missed a month of action as a result of his injuries, injuries that were caused on a now rather infamous play.

Arvidsson was of course injured after he received a vicious crosscheck from St. Louis Blues defenseman Robert Bortuzzo, this while Arvidsson was still down on the ice and crawling on his hands and knees. The play was dirty enough that it earned Bortuzzo a suspension from the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety but that suspension did little to help Arvidsson in dealing with the injuries that he suffered on the play. Arvidsson had not had the chance to address the media since the incident and following his return on Saturday he was asked to share his thoughts on how it all went down. Unsurprisingly Arvidsson did not have very many nice things to say about the incident or about Bortuzzo himself. 

“It was dirty play," said Arvidsson on Saturday. "Shouldn’t be that way on a hockey rink. I had my back turned and was in a vulnerable position. You don't need to do that. I'd rather turn around and have a chance to defend myself."

"It was shitty to be out for four weeks and not play."

It is hard to blame Arvidsson for being so frustrated here given how this all went down, especially when you consider the fact that in spite of his suspension Bortuzzo was back out on the ice just days after delivering the crosscheck to Arvidsson's lower back. The fact that the Predators are currently in a tough battle for the standings in a very tough Central Division likely only added to the frustration that Arvidsson felt while he was forced to remain on the sidelines and hopefully he can use that as motivation in his return from injury.