Vladimir Konstantinov will play 1st game in three decades

What an awesome sight this will be.



How great is this? 

Former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov, whose career and life were profoundly altered following a tragic limousine accident just a week after the 1997 Stanley Cup victory, is set to return to the ice later this month for a charity game.

The charity game, which will take place on April 27 at Big Boy Arena in Fraser, will see Konstantinov back on the ice with the Belle Tire Sled Hockey Team. 

He's been joining the team for practices ahead of the game later this month, naturally an inspiring sight. 

“It was absolutely incredible,” said Belle Tire Sled Hockey coach Derek Donet. “You could tell he didn’t forget how to play hockey. As soon as he got out there, as soon as he saw the puck, he smashed it away. He’s shooting backhand and forehand; he’s out there stick handling through people. He’s still got it for sure.”

“It’ll be very emotional,” said player Jason Jacobs. “I guarantee that whole place is going to be packed and they’re gonna go nuts for it and I know he’s going to feel it.”

“I think the standing ovation is gonna rival the noise at LCA,” added Coach Denet. “You’re gonna have tears in the crowd, you’re gonna have lots of clapping, lots of yelling, it’s gonna be huge.”

The Belle Tire Sled Hockey Team will be followed by an alumni game between the Red Wings and New York Rangers. 

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