Vladimir Putin plays in Russian All-Star Game, scores 8 goals

Sounds legit...


Don't look now NHL GM's but there's a hot new prospect tearing up the ice over in Russia. His name? None other than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Step aside Artemi Panarin because Putin is the latest Russian import to gain the attention of hockey fans after his absolutely legitimate, totally not phone eight goal performance in an all-star game earlier this week.

From Bro Bible:

The 68-year-old president of Russia, and judo black belt, looked like he should have been playing in the 2014 Winter Olympics as he obliterated his opponents, the Night Hockey League, at the 10th Night Hockey League National Festival at the Bolshoi Ice Arena in Sochi.
Playing for the Hockey Legends team, Putin’s domination from the slot helped lead the Legends to a resounding 13 to 9 victory on Monday.
Putin, rocking the red number 11 sweater for the Legends, wasted no time, scoring his first goal within 30 seconds of the opening puck drop.

Remember when former North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il claimed to have shot a 38 under par in the one and only golf outing of his life? I'm getting bit time Kim Jong Il vibes off Putin here.

Then again... the highlight reel doesn't lie: