Vladimir Putin scores 10 goals in sham hockey game... and then falls flat on his face.

So embarrassing.

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This has to be the most embarrassing hockey moment of 2019 thus far. 

In what has to be one of the most pathetic displays you're ever going to see Russian president Vladimir Putin once again took the ice this week to show the world what an unmatched and unrivaled hockey phenom he is. These little exhibition matches have become somewhat of a yearly tradition for Putin and they feature legitimate hockey talent that is forced to pretend to play alongside Putin as he stomps his way to victory. To be clear the players participating in this game are putting in absolutely no effort, sometimes even helping Putin in spite of being his opposition, here and they are either being paid, threatened, or influenced in some other manner to effectively throw the game.

This resulted in Putin, a man who can barely skate, putting up 10 goals against legitimate competition this week. Of course not a single one of those goals was earned and in fact the hockey legends out on the ice can clearly be seen doing everything they can to make them happen. This short clip captured by one observer perfectly displays exactly what I am talking about here. In the clip you can see not only does Arkady Rotenberg completely give up on the play, but he actually has to make an effort to avoid potentially disrupting Putin's hilarious goal scoring attempts. Oh and not to mention the goaltender in the net can also clearly be seen lifting his pad to allow the goal to sneak by him after Putin fails to elevate the puck at all.

The most embarrassing moment however would come when Putin would do his best to pander to the crowd who showed up to watch this sham of an exhibition match. In spite of the fact that all he had to do was skate around the ice and wave to the fans who were in attendance for the game, Putin simply could not pull it off. Instead the Russian president tripped over a piece of red carpet that had been laid out onto the ice, presumably for the presentations and photos that took place after the game, and fell flat on his face as a result.