Walsh: NHL lockout is a forgone conclusion.

He believes Gary Bettman already has a plan in place.

Walsh: NHL lockout is a forgone conclusion.

If you've listened to National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman talk lately about the growth of the sport of hockey and by extension his league you would have heard him say nothing but positive things. 

With an ever expanding league one would imagine that the upcoming collective bargaining agreement could be handled with relative ease, but some believe Bettman has other plans.

Earlier today Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles times touched on that very fact, wondering out loud on social media if Bettman would remember the things he's saying now the next time it came for him to lockout the NHL. Elliott received a very surprising, and frankly depressing response from agent Allan Walsh.


Walsh not only predicted that Bettman would entirely reverse course when it came time to negotiating a new deal, but claimed he could predict his every move.

"As soon as we get to 2020, Bettman's tune will change. We will hear NHL growth is stalled, system needs tweaking. I could write the script."

Walsh went one step further, stating that he could predict the lockout down to the exact date it would begin, September 15th 2020, calling it a "forgone conclusion."

Let's hope his prediction is wrong, but he seems extremely confident.