Was Jonathan Toews pointing out head coach Joel Quenneville? Your call!

Jonathan Toews opened up in a surprising manner!

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Since Claude Julien has been relieved from his duty this morning, the Chicago Blackhawks' head coach Joel Quenneville became the longest-tenured coach in the NHL. A fun "milestone" to reach? Of course, but this doesn't mean that as an NHL team's head coach you will not be in a vulnerable position sooner or later. 

This year, coach Q has difficulties to find Jonathan Toews the right line mate. The consequences of that? Jonathan Toews registered 10 goals and 20 assists in 45 games which is slightly under what we are use from him. Is coach Q mixing up his line in a manner it's affecting Toews offensive production? 

When asked about this possibility Toews replied : "I would never have predicted that my line would change as much as it has."

According to Toews, the lack of chemistry might also be a factor of coach Q's decisions 

Was Jonathan Toews pointing out head coach Joel Quenneville's decisions? Your call!