Was there some funny business in this trade?

This seems a little fishy.

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It certainly looks like there was something fishing going on with the trade that sent Montreal Canadiens prospect Jarred Tinordi to the Arizona Coyotes, coincidently the same trade many felt was a direct attempt by the National Hockey League to screw John Scott out of the all-Star game.

The general public learned on Wednesday that Tinordi had been busted under the NHL's drug testing policy, and as a result was the recipient of a 20 game suspension for performance enhancing drugs, but now some new details about this positive test may indicate the Coyotes got a raw deal here.

The Coyotes, like the general public learned of the positive teat only just yesterday according to a report from Coyotes insider Sarah McLellan, but did the Montreal Canadiens know about the positive test, or at least the possibility of a positive result, when making the trade? Many felt the Habs made a bad deal but what if general manager Marc Bergevin knew something was up?

According to a report from TSN's Sean Coleman Bergevin did know something was up, and made the following statement about the trade.

"I have some reason I can’t really tell you why but if I could you could probably understand," said Bergevin of why he made the deal.

Whatever the truth is here, we will probably never get a real answer.