Watch how P.K. became the star we love, in video.

All the feels man, all the feels.

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P.K. Subban is that ''larger than life'' type of guy. It seems he was born for the public life and enjoys the attention and challenges than come with it. However, he used to be a regular kid with a dream, like we all were back in the days. What makes him so different? Watch this short clip to get an idea. 

The full story will be on E:60 on Sunday, but you still get a glimpse at what makes him so different. Of course, the fact he used to cheer for the Canadiens might be a bit too much for us Preds fans. Is dad's passion is clearly visible and it's a nice change to hear from the old man himself about the son he raised and love. 

Keep in mind three of his sons are playing, or might play in the NHL and perform at the highest level. For an average Canadian family with a home made hockey rink in the backyard, that's not too back!