Watson ejected after headshot leaves Dano down on the ice.

He's gone.

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This certainly did not come off as the most vicious hit we have ever witnessed, but regardless of the intent, which none of us can frankly determine without some kind of super power, the damage was done.

Nashville Predators forward Austin Watson received five and a game misconduct after he took out recently acquired Winnipeg Jets forward Marko Dano with a hit to the head that left Dano down in a heap on the ice.

In this case it did not appear that Watson was intending to deliver the blow to Dano's head, but rather a sudden shift in body position from Dano may have resulted in a more severe impact than Watson had intended, one that clearly made Dano's head the point of impact. In fact you could even argue that Watson hit Dano the way he did because he was avoiding a potential hit between the numbers, although as stated above, intent is always open to interpretation.