Wayne Gretzky goes above and beyond for family that lost son in 9/11.

Wayne Gretzky goes above and beyond for family that lost son in 9/11.

An incredibly humble Wayne Gretzky retells one of the greatest acts of kindness like it's just another day.

Jonathan Larivee

They call #99 "The Great One" for his outstanding play out on the ice, but we may soon have to change that name to "The Greatest One" thanks not to Wayne Gretzky the player, but Wayne Gretzky the man.

Over the weekend Gretzky joined the Spittin Chiclets crew during their broadcast of the FDNY vs NYPD hockey game, no doubt in an effort to help promote an event that puts the spotlight right on first responders. Being that the event was between a pair of teams based out of New York, Wayne Gretzky was asked to retell a famous story related to a family that lost their son during the tragic events of 9/11.

Gretzky would go on to share a story about how he met a family one day by the pool, a chance meeting that would forever change the contents of his wallet.

"Janet and I happened to be in Vegas for a charity event and they were sitting by the pool... sort of a family get together," revealed Gretzky over the weekend. "I kinda walked by and they said 'Are you Wayne?' and I said yeah and they said 'We had a son that tragically passed in 9/11 and here's his picture,' and they gave me his card and I said I'll keep it in my wallet for life."

It was a very nice thing for Gretzky to do and say, but surely no one would hold him to the impossible standard of keeping a photograph of a man he had never met, and would never meet, in his wallet forever?

Well according to Gretzky, a full decade later, he ran into friends of that very same family when he was once again in Las Vegas and what happened when they met will leave you in awe of Wayne Gretzky the man.

"10 years later I was in Vegas again for another event," continued Gretzky "and friend's of their family said 'Can we ask you a question, do you still have that picture of our friend? Their family told us you were gonna have it in your wallet.' I said yeah, and I pulled my wallet out and I still had the picture. I said I promised the family I would never lose it, I would keep it forever."

Perhaps even more impressive than Gretzky's unbelievable act of kindness was the completely humble and matter-of-fact matter in which he repeated the story. It was clear that Wayne did not want any kind of recognition for the gesture, although he certainly deserves it.

"You know what? Everyone went through a hard time," said Gretzky. "For me to keep a little keepsake like that is special to me."

The Great One ladies and gentlemen.