Wayne Simmonds fires back hard at Steve Simmons.

Wayne Simmonds fires back hard at Steve Simmons.

Wayne Simmonds goes of.

Jonathan Larivee

There was a bit of a controversy over the weekend in the city of Toronto, one that stemmed from a piece written by controversial Toronto sports columnist Steve Simmons.

In the piece, Simmons called into question the legitimacy of the comments being made by National Hockey League activist Akim Aliu, a former player who has been an outspoken critic of the NHL and of racism is hockey. In Simmons' view, Aliu simply lacks the experience to be making the comments that he does, but the Toronto journalist delivered it in his usual bombastic fashion and it has caused a ton of backlash on social media.

In the article Simmons used Toronto Maple Leafs veteran forward Wayne Simmonds as an example of why Simmons feels that Aliu's claims of racism in hockey are overblown, comments that appear to have rubbed the Maple LEafs enforcer the wrong way. Following the publishing of the article, Wayne Simmonds took to social media to rip into Steve Simmons over what he felt were inappropriate comments.

Here is Wayne Simmonds' response to the article, unedited and in full.:

Just a quick msg to the hockey world. I usually don’t have time for this but tonight I do! I really don’t appreciate what your trying to do (Steve Simmons) your article was asinine and in no way reflects the real plight that my self, Akim and other players of colour go through. You Are Minimizing the pain and suffering and dismissing the actual fight that we as a ppl actually have to endure just to even be accepted in the game of hockey at a lower level nvm the professional ranks. DO NOT EVER use my name or any other player of colour’s name to try and make your point. We will no longer sit by quietly as our characters are assassinated Steve! This will only make us stronger and speak out against ppl of your nature! If you were trying to be cool or funny, you missed your mark. YOUVE BEEN WARNED!!! Ps this is me being nice!

It's very clear that Wayne Simmonds was not happy about the comments made in the article, and based on the reaction on social media he is far from alone in that sentiment,.