We finally know what happened to the signed Ovechkin/Crosby jersey from All-Star challenge
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We finally know what happened to the signed Ovechkin/Crosby jersey from All-Star challenge

Unbelievable! This is just perfect!



On Friday night, Alex Ovechkin’s son Sergei stole the spotlight at the skills competition. Not only did he wear a Capitals’ black “Reverse Retro” jersey with “OVI JR” on the back and matching yellow laces like his father, but he took part in the breakaway challenge with Dad and Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby.

Prior to their challenge, host PK Subban asked Crosby and Ovechkin to sign an Eastern Conference All-Star jersey. Crosby then took the microphone and said, “I think we need one more.”

That was the cue for Ovi Jr. sprint out onto the ice and finished off the play by scoring five-hole on Hall of Fame goalie Roberto Luongo. The play got a perfect-10 score from all four celebrity judges.

Earlier this week, Subban revealed what ended up happening to the jersey at the end of the 2023 All-Star Game on Saturday night, per The Russian Machine Never Breaks.

“Quick story. So I’m at center ice. We do the signing for the jersey. Everything’s over. We get Sergei to come out. They do the shot on net. Everything goes great.

“And after that, nobody comes to me to take the jersey. So I’m thinking like, is this my jersey? Do I get to keep this? But I’m like, I don’t want to put this thing down. I’m not letting Ovi’s and Crosby’s Eastern Conference jersey float around the arena. So literally for the rest of the show, I’m holding it. And they’re like, PK, we need you at center ice. They’re like ‘give me the jersey.’ I’m like, ‘I can’t give you the jersey.’

So I get a text from Sid last night and he goes ‘Hey I don’t know if Ovi wants that jersey, but I’d like to have it.’ So I brought it for Sid today, handed it to him. Now Sid owes me one, he owes me a jersey.”

That’s just perfect!

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